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STL Charter Great Success!

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There's always something interesting and historical about saying to someone that you got to do the last of something, like the time we were last to ride the oldest Montreal bus still in service before it was retired (STM 59-005), or the time we went to visit a 1986 GM in Trois-Rivieres shortly before it was retired (ex-STO 8601), and this time we got to ride in the last Roll Sign equiped Laval bus, and watched as we were there as Laval closed their era of roll signed buses, much as the STM retired their last roll sign equiped bus last year (STM 59-016). Now the only large transit society in the Montreal area that still uses roll signs is the RTL on the South Shore, and that will only be for a few more years at most.
But enough pessimism, let's talk about the fun that occured today.

I write this as I return home after a full day of riding our charter bus, as well as visiting the Laval bus bone yard afterwards. We all met at the cafeteria inside the STL garage until everyone arrived. We were hoping for a lot of people, and not just because more is better, it's because more would cost us less in the end since we split all costs between the participants. The garage security guard then lead us into the main bus garage where we had our bus, #5924, a 1989 MCI Classic, preparing for its departure. A few quick photos and we were on our way to our first of many photo stops throughout Laval, and even one at the old Terminus Laval at Henri-Bourassa Metro.

We were also honoured to have a skilled driver who didn't mind taking us across town and make frequent stops to take photos, and he seemed to enjoy it as well. Even he got into the action it seemed, when he started taking photos alongside our group. (continue...)

Voyage Nolisé STL Dimanche 29 mars / STL Bus Charter Sunday March 29th, 2009

(english below...)

Nous avons décidé de dire un adieu aux dernières 1989 MCI Classics de STL avec un voyage Nolisé ce dimanche.

Ce sera un voyage de 3 heures et on suivant les routes de Laval où la STL utilisée en 1989. Nous allons utiliser les rouleaux girouettes et de faire des arrête de photo aux meilleurs endroits.

Le prix est encore à déterminer, mais le plus grand nombre de personnes nous ont intéressés, nous pouvons rendre le prix plus bas.

Nous nous excusons pour le peu de préavis, mais nous avons été récemment informé par la société STL que ces bus seront retirés du service le 31 mars.

Je vous remercie tous d'avance pour votre support. J'espère que nous aurons suffisamment de personnes pour tenir une envoi pour cette génération d'autobus avec fierte.

Pour confirmer votre presence, ou d'autres questions, n'hesiter pas de contacter le direction. tourdelaval09@gmail.com

We have decided to say a last goodbye to the STL 1989 MCI Classics by Chartering a trip this Sunday.

It will be a 3 hour trip and we will follow the routes where the STL Laval used in 1989. We will use the destination rolllers and make photo stops at the best locations.

The price is yet to be determined, but the more people we have interested, we can make the price lower.

We apologize for the short notice, but we were recently informed by the STL that these buses will be withdrawn from service March 31.

Thank you in advance for your support. I hope we have enough people to send off this generation bus with a bang!

To confirm your presence or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the charter director at: tourdelaval09@gmail.com

STM introduces the new 2009 model NovaLFS.
Wider doors, and new paint scheme.

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Still not yet 3rd generation, this year's NovaLFS has a few minor changes to it that differentiate it from previous years. Such as new wider door, front seat removed and new paint scheme that some say resembles the new Bell ads.

You be the judge, they seem to be running well so far, they've stayed relatively clean, with the exception of 29-018 which appears to have been tagged already... It's a shame though that after all these years transit companies and manufacturers have still been unable to create a vandal proof bus. It's sad that after less than a week in regular service, they have already been vandalized.

After learning about some of the bus busfanning locations to spot 29's, I decided to spend the afternoon at Guy-Concordia metro station waiting for the new 2009's to appear, and I was not disappointed. (continue...)

CITSO Increases Departures, But with Limited Capacity...

If you've ever been to Chateauguay, you'll almost certainly know about the transit service here. Most buses are usually filled to capacity during off peak times, and people are left to wait for hours at bus shelters while their bus passes by them by skipping their stops during busy periods.

And everyone by now is used to Murphy's law, if you arrive late to the stop, the bus had already passed early, and if you arrive early to the stop, then your bus will be 20 minutes late.

Most of the time it's the Mercier Bridge to blame, because it just takes one broken down vehicle in either direction to compeltely halt all transit service out here. CITSO isn't able to control that unfortunately, but they have done one thing right. (continue...)

There are now increased departures that are sandwiched inbetween the departures that are generally over crowded. Unfortunately, CITSO had decided not to use full sized vehicles for these extra departures, and has gone in favour of mini-buses. While this may work in theory, they should have thought through this a little more, and realized that many of the regular departures run late, and somtimes not at all. And this is exactly what happened to me a few weeks back.

Our regular 5:30pm departure never came to our stop, but the new departure that runs 15 mintue later did arrive, albeit late, and it was a minibus. Now, picture this in your mind, a standard sized bus didn't show up, and the new departure arrived 15 minutes late, which means that people had already been waiting half an hour for a bus, and they are presented with a bus that will carry 20 passengers seated, and 25 passengers in total. The bus arrived at our stop, and we were preparing to board, however, the problem here was that there were already 12 people standing, and in the stairway as well. We had already waited 30 minutes for a bus, and we asked the driver and he said another one would come in about 15 minutes, and we were not going to wait another 30 minutes (15 minutes = 30 minutes), so we climbed onboard. Cramped, but we got there fast enough.

One thing did happen however, a traffic light near Dollard wasn't functioning, and the red lights were flashing, we stopped and then started up again, but someone wasn't paying any attention and drove right through the intersection without looking. Our driver slammed on his brakes, and since there were no standee windows, or window above the driver, I was not able to see what was coming ahead, so when our driver slammed on the brakes to avoid the collision I went flying into the dashboard near the windshield. Thankfully the windshield was small enough that I would not have fit through. But I have plenty of bruises to show for that incident.

I dented the farebox with my thigh, and then my head slid right near the ceiling just missing a possible concussion and then my arm and stomache landed slumped over the dashboard. I wasn't really hurt or anything, but all I remembered then was the gasping of the people and the driver asking me if I was alright, and then I remember getting back up, and saying everything was fine, and he continued on through the intersection, and right at that moment, someone on a bike drove right infront of us, but this time I was holding on tight to whatever I could grasp (Since these buses were never meant for standees to begin with!).

We arrived at Angrignon, and everything else was fine after that; with the exception of the angry mob of about 100 people waiting for their bus that never showed up 30 minutes prior, and all they see is our bus pulling up to pick up all those people! He was able to pick up about 35 or so people, and then left, but not before some people insisted on getting onboard, which delayed things even further.

We waited and watched, and 10 minutes later, two buses arrived, an LFS and a Coach to pick up the remaining people.

And that was my mini-bus adventure.

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