Navigating the Site

Hopefully you'll find everything you're looking for on this site. The left hand menu bar has a list of available sections on the site that you can visit. If you would like to chat about your transit experiences or have any questions, feel free to visit us at the Discussion Forum.

  • Home: The name is pretty self explanitory, this is the link that'll bring you back here again.
  • Fleet: contains information and photos regarding the STM's fleet, and statistics including series information, and remaining vehicles and their corresponding garage.
  • Routes: contains information and photos about every single route that is presently in use by the STM, and it's corresponding garage.
  • Photo Gallery is where you can see some of my transit photo collection, but now you can create your own photo album online and to build a place where you can call home for all your photo collections.
  • Discussion Forum will bring you to a place where you can discuss and chat about public transit and share your photos, videos and stories with other transit fans.
  • News is a section which will hold the current headlines, and important stories involving public transit in the Montreal Area, as well as other major transit related stories from around the world.
  • Links section will take you to a list of sites that I find interesting and relevant to the transit community. Feel free to browse these sites at your leisure.
  • Contact Me . As the name states, this is the most direct way you can contact me, by e-mail. However, if it's about a transit related question, perhaps you'd like to share it with the community in the Discussion Forum. That way you would be able to see different points of views by the various responses to the questions. Otherwise, if you wish, you can still e-mail me.

That's about it. Have fun, enjoy your visit, and hope to see you again!

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