• About Me

    Born in Montreal, Canada. I have always been passionate about buses and trains. I started my transit photography hobby back in 2005. I wanted to save a piece of history, and every chance I got, I would be out on the streets with my camera, along with friends, in the boiling sun or freezing winter winds. I did not want to miss my, possibly, last chance. Perhaps that bus or train would not be there the next day. It was a race against the clock, and I started relatively late in the game. Montreal GM New Looks were gone, and GM Classics were only to be found in the retirement lots. I went on various trips to other cities, such as Toronto and Ottawa where they still had these buses in service. These days most transit agencies have standardized their fleets, and there just isn't the variety, and quality that there once was. But I will always remember the fun we once had..

  • TransitFan Charters

    Since 2009, the TransitFan Network and it's partners have hosted over 12 charters, featuring the best transit vehicles from various organizations in Quebec and Ontario. Some memorable trips included a trip to Cornwall to visit a 1985 GM Classic, the last of it's kind in service. An amazing garage visit and tour of the historic town were some of my favourite charter moments.